Diploma In Pharmacy

Diploma In Pharmacy

Pharmacist Acts To Prepare The Drugs, To Control Quality Of Drugs, To Dispense Of Drugs. Drug Is The Substance Which Is Used For Diagnosis, Cure, Treatment And Prevention Of Disease, To Save Life. A Pharmacist Can Perform To Save Life By Making Drugs. Different Types Of Pharmaceutical Company Limited Need More Pharmacists For Preparing Drugs And Food. A Qualified, Skilled And Experienced Pharmacist Can Play To Important Role For Management Of Pharmaceutical Company Limited.


Bangladesh Technical Education Board Acts To Ensure Good Quality Of Education For Pharmacist, To Provide Registration And Certificate. This Certificate Can Apply To Abroad Country. 
DMI Produces Good Qualified Pharmacist. They Get Opportunity To Job This Company Limited Such As Square,IBN Sina, Uniliver, ACME,Incepta,Baximco, Globe, RAKand Health Care Pharmaceuticals Limited. Pharmaceutical Industries Demand A Lot Of Pharmacist.


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Advance Welfare Foundation is the name of philanthropy .It was established in 1998 with the eagerness of a philanthropist named Professor Gazi Md. Abdus Salam. He is