Diploma In Physiotherapy

Diploma In Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy is the latest subject of rehabilitation science is “the choice of new generation”. This course offers a bright future to the encouraged people/students who are dedicated to applicate themselves for the well-being of the deprived, disabled and handicapped people.


Now a days all most all hospitals, sports related organizations having physiotherapist and physiotherapy services. There is no organization left beside physiotherapist working with the disabled child/people and victims of road traffic injury/accident. On the other hand the older-geriatrics people also having the services from this sector. All specialist hospitals providing neurosurgery, cardiac surgery, post traumatic, cancer,diabetic, orthopedic & road traffic injury related surgery have larger facilities of physiotherapy services including a number of trained /qualified clinical physiotherapist around the country and world. Sports sector have the demand of physiotherapy professionals in smart way.

As Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI) is very much conscious and caring of health professional development so it has launched latest courses on physiotherapy of different level. Our physiotherapy department is enriched with all sorts of physio-related machines, modern devices, rehabilitation kits to make the student very up to date and confident to handle the patient in any situation/organization/field. DMI have a group of teachers, instructors to conduct this course perfectly. The huge physiotherapy lab and facilities provide any one up to date knowledge of modern health care process/technology.

So it is very easy & simple to take decision of having this opportunity to apply yourself in terms of development of health profession, toward the deprived person and prepare your career in demanding way. It offers very affordable cost and much opportunity of leaning more in both inside & outside of institute including other extracurricular activities.


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