Diploma In Laboratory Medicine-Pathology

Diploma In Laboratory Medicine(Pathology)

Medical Diagnosis Is Essential For The Proper Treatment Of A Patient. Pathology Technologist Play Vital Role To Diagnosis Diseases. Still The Number Of Efficient Pathology Technologists Is Not Sufficient In Our Country. Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI) Is Working Relentlessly To Produce Efficient Technologists. Graduate Passed From This Institute Are Working At Various Reputed Organizations In Home And Abroad.
Pathology Is Generally The Study Of Disease, And Pathologists Are Medical Doctors Who Specialize In Studying Disease, Rather Than Directly Treating And Interacting With Patients. Although Most Pathology Courses Are Taken In Person, Students Can Take Basic Online Pathology Courses. 

General Pathology Refers To The Broad Study Of Disease. There Are Several Specific Areas Of Pathology That Students Can Pursue Online. 
Anatomical Pathology Is Based On Disease Analysis And Diagnosis Through Examination Of Body Organs, Tissues And Internal Body Parts. Pathologists Use Anatomical Pathology When Conducting Autopsies And Studying Disease And Infection. Within Anatomical Pathology, There Are Several Areas Of Concentration, Including Forensic Pathology And Surgical Pathology. 
Clinical Pathologists Use Scientific Analysis To Determine The Causes And Results Of Disease And Work In Laboratories And Other Scientific Settings. Clinical Pathologists Use Biology, Hematology And Biochemistry While Researching Diseases. 
Pathologists Work In Hospitals, Medical Laboratories, Schools, Colleges And Universities. They May Teach Or Do Laboratory Work Research. They Are Employed By Government Agencies Associated With Agriculture, Public Heath, Law Enforcement; And Many Other Fields. Private Companies That Make Products Such As Drugs And Insecticides Also Employ Pathologists.
Pathology Has Been Called The Bridge Between Basic Science And Medicine. Pathologists Who Are Concerned With Human Disease Are Usually Physicians Who Have Received Specialized Training In Pathology. They Are Sometimes Called In Pathologists. 
Although Medical Pathologists Do Not Treat The Patients Of Their Own, They Do Laboratory Tests To Diagnosis Disease In The Patients Of Other Physicians. They Perform Tests On Body Tissues , Secretions, And Other Specimens To See Whether A Disease, Is Present And To  Determine Its Stage.
Pathologist’s Reports Help Physicians In Their Care Of Other Patients With Similar Conditions. Sometimes Pathologists Serve As Medical Examiners Or Coroner’s Consultants. 
To Become Fully Practicing Pathologists, Students Must Complete A Pathology Program And Obtain A Medical License.. Students Who Would Like To Enter The Workforce More Quickly Can Consider Becoming Pathologist Assistants Or Medical Lab Technicians.
In Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI) Students Can Complete Their Pathology Course On 4 Year After Passing S.S.C Or H.S.C Examination.


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