Message From Chairman



Dr. M. R. Khan

National Professor,
Chairman, Central Hospital Ltd.
Chairman, Board of Trustees, AWF
Chairman, Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI)

Any health service is mainly depending on Doctors and Nurses. But we can’t deny the usefulness of any medical technologists. A medical technologist plays a vital role in diagnosis of any diseases. But it’s very upsetting that we lack of this service so much. Ultimately it hampers the proper & best treatment of many patients in our country. To carry an accurate diagnosis, it requires modern equipments without any technical errors. And as important as the equipments it is so necessary to have an educated & well-skilled, heath personal that will operate these equipments.

Though our country has many good & efficient Doctors in comparison to other countries. But we lack the major part in the process of diagnosis of a disease that is the skilled medical technologists.
 I hope, the authority of Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI) will keep attention to the regarding problem of our country for a healthy & disease free nation.

I wish overall prosperity & all the good-luck of this institute. I believe that this present insufficiency of our heath sector. I hope that, thus our heath sector will be more enriched & effective.


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Advance Welfare Foundation is the name of philanthropy .It was established in 1998 with the eagerness of a philanthropist named Professor Gazi Md. Abdus Salam. He is