Message From Chairman .Advanced Welfare Foundation (AWF)



Prof.Gazi M. A. Salam  
 Chairman .Advanced Welfare Foundation (AWF) 
 Chairman / Principal, ISTT, Dhaka. 
Founder/ Chairman , CUST  
Executive Director, Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI)

“The necessity of Medical Assistant course & Medical Technologist in Bangladesh & its present condition & its potentiality”

Over the period of time a significant success has been achieved in the field of medical service of whole world. But due to lack of our skilled heath personnel. We could not deliver our medical services to each & every person of the world inspire of our true interest. Our country is gifted with more specialist Doctors & consultants if we compare with other countries but we lack of skilled & certified medical assistants & medical technologists in our country. By a survey conducted by JSI Bangladesh under the ministry of heath of Bangladesh government shown that the condition of medical assistant & technologist posts present in Bangladesh is hopeless &terrible. The survey reviews that there are only 1922 legal & licensed medical assistants & technologist working at 1, 30,000. Pharmacy (Appx) in our country. Another alarming point is that most of the government& private medical institutes at upazilla & union levels are running by uneducated, untrained inexperienced, & non-licensed so-called medical assistant. On the other hand there are 7,000 vacant seats present in posts of deputy assistant medical officer under the heath sector of Bangladesh Government. 
By realizing the insufficiency of our heath sector, we have established the Advanced Medical Assistant Training School (Advanced MATS), Advanced Medical Institute (DMI), & Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI) by private initiative under Ministry of heath & Family Welfare & the State Feculty of Medicine. 
We hope that, to enlighten our youth & to erase the hopelessness from their life due to job-vacancies, our Advanced MATS, Dhaka Medical Institute (DMI) & Advanced Medical Institute (AMI) will play a far most role, 
As a human being, we all deserve a good heath, calm mind & busy BUT HAPPY LIFE. And, to achieve that good, we want to more along with each & every person of our world


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Advance Welfare Foundation is the name of philanthropy .It was established in 1998 with the eagerness of a philanthropist named Professor Gazi Md. Abdus Salam. He is